Voicemails from my Mom

A brief glimpse into the world of my mom and our relationship. My mom's voicemails are priceless. She has a flair for melodrama that has to be seen (or heard) to believe. The last year or so has also taught me a lot about life and death; I hope that these will always be there to help me remember my mom.

If you get the chance to meet my mom, you should jump on it; otherwise these audio clips are the next best thing.

I do wonder if there could be a reality TV show that follows my mom around. It would work well with a teamster's schedule, given my mom's napping habbits.

  • They are springing me out!

    They are gonna spring me! This is when my mom got out of the hospital. I had just started my new job so Pat was handlingn the old woman pick up. I suppose this hospital visit for COPD related issues was a sign that the end was coming but she took everything in stride. If you learn anything from my crazy mom it is to take everything in stride!

    What Google Voice thought:

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  • Harass an old lady

    The real deal:

    Jimmy, Pat, you have nothing better to do than harras an old lady...

    The Google Voice Transcription:

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  • I am done being patient, bring me food!

    I am done being patient!

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  • I can't take your call right now

    Hi this is Linda, I don't think I will be able to take your call right now...

    2:15 minutes (268.1 KB)
  • Did You Have a Good Time Last Night

    As Google Voice calls it...
    Hey hey hello hello hi hello hello hello hello hello hello, but, just, and hello on 110 Hello, hello.

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  • Buy me cat food!

    Fairly tame by all standards... but now that I have google voice, here is a transcription!
    "Hey. Actually I'm going to bring the cat food place. I can't get out the by, drink and bring a couple of bye bye 13."

    0:12 minutes (28 KB)
  • Scooter Duel at the OK Coral

    This is a Linda Lu classic. My mom had set up a duel between her and one of the security guards at the breakers. There could only be one survivor.  This could very well be the last voicemail message I get form my mom should she lose this duel. She called Pat to let him know, too... This is serious.

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  • Three Days... Stuck in the Middle? No, Stuck in the Hall

    Now my mom is on her third day of calling me at home when I am at work but this time she is also stuck in the hallway in her apartment.

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  • Two Days

    On goes the saga of my mom calling me at home and getting angry when I do not pick up the phone... but I was at work.

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  • Working from Home

    For the longest time, my mom could not keep my phone numbers straight and she kept calling me at home when I was at work.  She would leave a number of message, each angrier than the one before, thinking that I was not picking up the phone.  In the real world... I was not at home.

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