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Working from Home

For the longest time, my mom could not keep my phone numbers straight and she kept calling me at home when I was at work.  She would leave a number of message, each angrier than the one before, thinking that I was not picking up the phone.  In the real world... I was not at home.

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Sleeping Pills

So my mom must have a new pusher for cough medicine, but for sleeping pills, she comes to the MAN. That's me.  She always forgets the sleeping pills she needs so this message is a Two-fer.  Quite the special dea.

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Gladys in Texas may be a new BFF for my mom.

"I love Jesus, but I drink a little" reminds me of the time that my mom got a bit tipsy (That's what I call her Tipsy-Lu) after a rough day. It was the day that my mom went to the funeral home to make plans for my dad's funeral. She enjoyed her Amaretto that night. She said she had one sip, it tasted good and she then had more.

Yeah Granola!

I have to admit, I have gone full-on-hippie and have started baking my own granola. Two things spurred this: 1) Articles about how much sugar was in the Quaker Oats Granola Cereal 2) Tasting Milk and Honey granola.

Milk and Honey granola is delicious, but expensive. It is about $6/lb. So I started to look up how to make my own granola. I found a few recipes and corroborated them with the list of ingredients from the Milk and Honey package.

My first batch was not so great, but it was solid.

Tonight I made my second batch.

Delicious granola, fresh from the oven

Sometimes you just have to get out of bed ontime...

My sleep patters are all over the map this weekend. I consider myself lucky to have gotten a mild version of the stomach flu going around the office lately. Perhaps it was because my first bout with it was not so lucky: I eyed the garbage can and sewer cover on Madison to determine which I could get to quickest without projectile vomiting on another person. I chose the sewer cover and managed to walk away without any personal detritus, except for a small bit of mustache "flavor savor."

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