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Gay Science

In my RSS feeds I get slashdot. Today there is an article that Fermilab, just outside of Chicago, has discovered an untheorized particle, which is pretty amazing. If memory serves me correctly, they usually theorize that a particle must exist and then go look for it, so it seems impressive to really come across on in this accidental manner in these modern times. This follows the discovery of a new top quark. While this is all very fine and good, what really caught my eye was the lead-in to the top quark article: "new single top quark."

The Year That Wasn't, but it is Starting to Repeat

This week I had my review at work for my four year anniversary. The review went well and I enjoy my job so that was great... but it brought an end to the year that wasn't. And it is repeating itself. The last year or so was pretty tough with family medical issues, Pat lost his mom and I lost my dad. I feel like I am just starting to get my feet grounded but it looks like my mom is starting to come undone. I certainly hope it is the effect of this long winter and mourning my dad's death... but I worry it is more.

Absurd Surrealism

At times I wonder was surrealism means today. And the absurd. How do they interrelate. There was an article in the Guardian UK about "wonky" music and ketamine. Perhaps ketamine is the drug of choice for the current social setting: a failing economy and knowledge that things won't get better... what a better drug than an anasthetic with halluicongenic propertes; take enough and you don't exist her at all. The music was the same, dissonant...

Dreaming of Roller Coasters and College

Thunder rolled into Chicago early this morning (or late last night depending on your social schedule) and I am sure I woke up because my dreams this morning were all over the map. I do remember two specifically: Grinnell College and the Tidal Wave. These dreams were not related.

The Tidal Wave at Great America
The Tidal Wave with Entrance Signs

Three Days... Stuck in the Middle? No, Stuck in the Hall

Now my mom is on her third day of calling me at home when I am at work but this time she is also stuck in the hallway in her apartment.

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