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Buy me cat food!

Fairly tame by all standards... but now that I have google voice, here is a transcription!
"Hey. Actually I'm going to bring the cat food place. I can't get out the by, drink and bring a couple of bye bye 13."

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Embarassing death situations, from tween to crazy cat lady

I just tweeted that I am reading "The Mindful Way Through Depression," eating Ben and Jerry's, sitting alone on the bed with our cats. This is clearly one step from my full crazy cat lady status. In fact, I immediately thought this would be an embarrassing way to die. With melted ice cream in my lap, a book of depression to the side and three hungry cats gnawing at my toes. This is probably the analog to dying while mastubating as a pre-teen in your parent's house.

Rest in Peace, Mufasa, We love and miss you

The best way to remember Mufasa is that he is the only creature on God's green earth and under the stars that could keep Pat on a schedule. Somehow, with his feline perseverance, he was able to completely thwart the Jurgaisenberg Uncertainty Principle and keep Pat on a schedule.

Mufasa was completely Pat's cat. 100%. Of course, he was friendly to everyone, but Pat was the only person that mattered.

Mufasa and Jasper
The Mufasa we know and love
Looking away, a coy Mufasa
A regal Mufasa
Mufasa and Jasper

I have seen my future...

I have seen my future and it involved lots of cats and the downfall of society as we know it. And I am fine with it.

Scooter Duel at the OK Coral

This is a Linda Lu classic. My mom had set up a duel between her and one of the security guards at the breakers. There could only be one survivor.  This could very well be the last voicemail message I get form my mom should she lose this duel. She called Pat to let him know, too... This is serious.

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