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Write an Android and iPhone app

Tool around and determine the best use for an android or iPhone application. The initial thought was that this application could help with notifications. What would be an alternate aggregator or idea?

What the fuck was that... WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS? Well, never mind.

Not my cat... but hilarious all the same:

Blagojevich ... his archnemesis, Atty. Gen. Lisa Madigan

I am not the only person with an Archnemesis... Lisa Madigan was able to be Rod Balgojevich's archnemsis as well. Kudos Lisa! Best of luck cleaning up those environment disasters. Kick some ass!

Did You Have a Good Time Last Night

As Google Voice calls it...
Hey hey hello hello hi hello hello hello hello hello hello, but, just, and hello on 110 Hello, hello.

0:35 minutes (110 KB)

Yes, please treat me like shit this week, I certainly enjoy it.

This week has just been special in terms of people communicating to me. Two separate people, a realtor for a property we were looking to purchase and a project manager at my (soon to be) old job both took their jabs. They are so incredulous, I thought I would share. Not just to help you laugh a bit, but maybe to purge them both from my system. We will go in the order received:
My client appreciates the interest your clients have in his property.
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