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Archenemy or Nemesis?

Archnemesis or Enemy?

What's the difference?  Well, to be simple and nemesis could fall off the face of the earth and you wouldn't notice.  In fact, you probably want to push your nemesis off the earth in retribution for something they did to you.  An archenemy on the other hand it a part of your core being, the yin to your yang and as such, they know all your tricks and secrets.  You need them to survive as much as they need you but you rue the day you ever met.

An archenemy knows you, understands you, shares your background.  They know how to hurt you.


Mayonnaise is disgusting. There is nothing more I can say.  However, it is everywhere...


The evils of brunch extolled

I have a distinct hunch that all evil doing in the world starts at Brunch... I mean, really people, get up in time for breakfast and get moving.

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