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Garrison Keillor

The reason? The reason? Like I need a reason!

The man is so dry he makes day-old toast seem dripping wet! In fact, I am sure I've heard a joke from him on NPR about getting sliced bread... not only the joke but whatever audience was out there laughed.  These people need to drink more cause they're dehydrated with all this 'dry' humor around them.

Harry Potter's Archenemy

Reflecting about the archenemy versus nemesis idea, I was thinking of examples from popular culture and the first that came to mind was Harry Potter.

Are you strong enough to make a phone call?

I must have told my mom I wasn't feeling well... so she's worried I am not strong enough to use the phone. What goes on in their home?!

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It's 3pm, do you know where your mom is?

Did I just say my mom doesn't know the time? Clearly I lied. This time she called to tell me it was 3pm. Wasn't that nice?

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Solitaire Haunts Me

My mom is getting quite clever about her computer. We told her she cannot hurt it in any way and she is putting that to the test. Her DSL modem occasionally gets hung up and the best solution is to restart it by unplugging the power to the beast. While this is easy for most people, it's tougher for my mom because of her handicap. However, she is nothing if not persitent and she was able to power down the modem and bring it back up. Unfortunately, this did not solve the problem.
What would you do in this situation?

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