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Planning to do nothing

A humorous tidbit... Pat and I can be near exact opposites a lot of the time.  A big element of this comes down to planning.  The funniest comment I can make is:

"I have to plan to do nothing!"

If Pat and I end up with the luxury of a free day, I need to know in the morning that I can have the day to be lazy.  It's weird and I know I am neurotic but it's true... I need to plan to do nothing.

Create a Song About the Human Heart


The heart beats around 70 time per minute. How would a song create that sense of life, excitement and rest?

Recreate Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Dots Mirrored Room


Endeared to her through her love of polka dots and further enamored by her installation piece, the  Infinity Dots Mirrored Room.


Creating the Best Miniature Golf Course Ever


Adventure golf is an unholy creation.  We need to true mini-golf and to embrace the Taco! Lightbulb! scoring systems.

How can we build the most rube goldbergian windmill hole on a mini-golf course?  Can we intertwine two courses and switch some users in the middle?  If there's going to be a volcano it must erupt with a hole-in-one!

Down with adventure golf!  Mini-golf always!

Will your dad "Take Charge"

So this is a sad one... Pat answered the phone so we have no audio!

Quelle dommage.

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