Thanks for stopping by and visiting Perhaps you want to hear my mom leave me voicemails? Or know about my running list of archenemies and nemesies to keep me spry into my old age. Or you just want to know what music I am listening to and what books I am reading, regardless, you'll find it all here!

This is why Garrison Keillor is on "the list"

It is paragraphs like this that keep Garrison Keillor high on my list in Archenemy versus Nemesis tirade:

Teaming up with my archnemesis to take on an archenemy

One of the defining terms that separates an archenemy from an archnemesis is this single question:



Would you team up with said enemy/nemesis to defeat a greater evil?


If you can answer, "Yes, I would team up," then you, my friend, have just defined an archenemy. Such is that case with me, Garrison Keillor and Mayonnaise.

Goodbye 2009. Goodbye Mom.

The last several years have been really tough. My brother passed away from brain cancer (which followed lung cancer), Pat's mom died after a year long stay in various hospitals, my dad passed away, likely related to demetia, and then my mom died, more than likely from COPD related issues.

My mom died at the end of September. She was getting ready to head to the grocery store and inbetween the phone call and the trip she passed away.

Northern Soul

Between the dance parties at the Sovereign and the other dance nights in the city, I cannot get enough of the Northern Soul style of music right now. I suppose perhaps it is a bit of withdrawal... it has been a while since I've been to a Sovereign party and I just heard about the Sonotheque parties right before the club closed. For now, the radio station will help. The tracks are a bit limited but still fun and it made Monday morning all that much better this week.

My inner Georgia O'Keefe

Ah, how time has gone by.

This past spring I was looking for a way to shake myself out of a rut. It was a long, cold winter and my dad has recently passed away... so I signed up for a quick weekend seminar.

It was not very good.

As fall rolls in, the seminar people are calling me to announce their fall seminar. I cannot bear to talk to them. The people from the organization seemed to have swallowed the medicine and thought it was the best thing since powered toast. And for them, perhaps it was. For me, it was not.

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