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So It's Come to This? The Christmas Form Letter

 Pat and I have had a very tough year, or two really. We have basically spent the last two years in hospitals, starting with my brother's cancer related illnesses, to Sandy's lengthy hospitalization and my dad's decline from Dementia.  However, we found a few highlights along the way and wanted to share them.  We sent this out as our Christmas form letter... yes, it's come to this and we're sharing it with you.

Phillipino Christmas Party

I love the entry on this one: "This happens to be your mother," as if another person might try to impersonate her. This messages goes further into her medication, the Phillipino Christmas party, the politics of the wellness office and her lack of cell phone (the cell phone that fell in the wine glass).
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Dad's Ashes are Smoking!

That night before this message was my work Christmas party in Greek town. It was a fun night. Evidently my mom was overly concerned that I stayed home from work the following day. I was at work and on time so I don't know what her problem was with this, except that she likes the drama. Plus she got to say "Your dad's already smoking" referring to his ashes!
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Cell Phone in the Wine Glass

A cell phone in the wine glass? Jesus, she should be on a WNBA team.

I mean honestly, how the hell did she do that?

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Brave New World - Here at Last

This week there were two articles that made me immediately think our society has entered into the "Brave New World" outlined by Alduous Huxley in his novel from the early 1930s. 

Brave New World introduces us to an engineered future society that is perfect.  Perfectly free from thought to a large extent.  Depending on your point of view it could be a dsytopia or a uptopia.  How much do you want to think about your day?

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