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Our differences will always be trumped by what we share...

I have not posted anything to my blog in quite some time, largely because things have been going smoothly for the last few weeks. I have been enjoying the quiet. We've seen movies, visited with friends and family... lead a normal life. More than anything, we have not been to a hospital in months... since my dad passed away at the beginning of November. This gives me time to think. We live in a world of differences and changes that seem to have us tumbling toward oblivion but there is hope. This weekend the hope comes from a dog, elephant, tortoise and hippo.

Noodles boodles movies and more

It is a fun week when we get to see My Bloody Valentine 3D and Coraline in the same week and both for free as previews!

I have not posted anything in quite a while and since the preview was free I figure I could give them a little press back.

MBV3D was a decent horror movie, but in 3D is was great. It was "inspired by..." the original movie but was not a remake per se. If you like horror, you like camp and a B-movie is for you, AND you like to wear ridiculous polarized glasses, this movie is for you!

I Will Not Stop Trying

Mom's got it covered and she will not stop trying. Nothing too humorous here but just another indication that my mom is not planning on giving up and that is a reason to be proud of the crazy lady I call mom.
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The Cat Fell out of Bed

This is an odd message... evidently my mom thinks the cat fell out of bed and took the inhaler with her. Huzzah!
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Maurice Lenell Closing

As our economic world gets smaller, local businesses are closing...

So I guess my archenemy is not Maurice Lenell themselves or the fact that they closed, but that cities are losing their individual identity as local brands are closing.

I could probably rally on this topic for quite some time as it relates to gentrification, which has been great to get people living in the city but has made it more suburban AND expensive and all the rest.

Grumble grumble grumble

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