Thanks for stopping by and visiting Perhaps you want to hear my mom leave me voicemails? Or know about my running list of archenemies and nemesies to keep me spry into my old age. Or you just want to know what music I am listening to and what books I am reading, regardless, you'll find it all here!


My favorite Chanukkah pop song of all time. Kisswhistle's "Verhanukkah", itself an homage to Elvis Costello's "Veronica."

This comes from a Little Shirley Beans compilation, I Made it Out of Clay: The Chanukkah Pop Compilation, which has been out of print for some time so I thought I'd share this great gem with everyone here!

2:43 minutes (3.11 MB)

Gay and Greys... or Welcome to the Q-Tip Club

Tonight Pat and I had a nice dinner date the L. Woods in Lincolnwood. We used my birthday coupon from the Lettuce restaurants as well as a gift card from my job.

Two funny things happened while we were there. L. Woods is a total Q-Tip club, especially if you go to an early dinner around 6pm. Pat and I have learned and made our reservations for 8pm which meant we watched the white hairs leave. And the hilarity ensued.

Smeared Blue Eyeshadow and Forgotten Memories, the James Fredric memoirs

Fraudulent memories of a non-existant life story... coming soon.

The Evolution of Cruciferous Vegetables from Carnivorous Plants


Broccoli was Once a Carnivorous Plant

Broccoli - Close Up - I grabbed this from Flickr:

Being bored can kill you... this is why I have a list of archenemies and archnemesis

Did you know the being bored can kill you? Well, perhaps not directly but it can kill you in the same way that fried chicken can kill you: slowly.

Now I do not want to cause a scene or a media blitz with this one but I wonder if watching TV constitues boredom? 

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