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This week requires a LiveJournal account

My dad passed away this week and I think the only way to truly express my needs is via a LiveJournal account... 

I am extremely grateful for my wonderful family and fantastic friends during this week and these tough times.

I am also enjoying the Absolutely Fabulous episode, "Death," while my sister Cara's choice was the Roseanne episode where her father dies.  We are very much siblings.

I Love Personality Tests

 I love personality tests, you can take a look at my giant japanese monster results and my supervillian type earlier in my blog.  And now the wellness blog at the New York Times site has a list of best tests.  I will post my results as I take the tests, but of course, I want to share!

I HATE LOL CATS.... and I am not alone.

Sweet Jesus, mom's around the world agree with me.  Well, at least one mom.  And really, she may very well be on of the 30 Helens who agree on many items in Canada.  Talk about a Caucus.

Mom’s Anti-LOLCat Platform

I don’t like the stuff with kitties using bad English and spelling- I imagine they speak with a perfect British accent. and are particular with their spelling and punctuation!!! But the pics are funny!

Sweet Jesus, Paul Lynde Makes Halloween Even More Fun!

All I can say is that this makes my day.


Todd in Atlanta sent this DVD to me as a special surprise and it is completely fantastic.  The guest stars are amazing, KISS performs Beth and Detroit Rock City and it makes me smile.  Pat's in love, too!

Thanks Todd!


Oh sweet Jesus I love Betty White!

The short version and the full version.  Watch the full version.

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