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Free time? What an exciting but frightening concept!

This month I have had my first stab at free time and boredom.  We did visit Lisa, Pat's sister, who needed some help so we got our caregiving/healthcare quotient in for the month.  It does have me worried for what's on the docket in December since I am not sure what I will do if I do not visit a hospital in a month this year.  Perhaps... perhaps... perhaps I'll just enjoy the free time.

So much of nothing

This month has been long and filled with nothing, a void.  The month started as Halloween parties ended and my dad died in hospice care.  My dad's death was the end of two long years of hospitals and death.  My brother was diagnosed with lung cancer a few years ago, which was treated, with some success... only to return as brain cancer.  He ultimately succumbed to pneumonia in July of 2007. Pat's mom entered the hospital in September of 2007 and never returned home.  She passed away in August of 2008, one year after my brother died.

King of the Forest

After my dad passed away and that first week was over and done with, I took two days to relax and get back to being myself.  I feel that I have spent the past two years in the hospital starting with my brother who passed away in July 2007 followed by Sandy (Pat's mom) who passed away in August 2008 and then my dad who just passed away this November (2008).  It appears my mom is holding steady so I think I am hospital free for some time so I bought a nice robe and took a bath.  I feel that I look like the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz m


I can only assume that the death of a close family member results in incredibly wacky dreams.  I am not sure if it is stress, anxiety or maybe just light sleeping with so much going on... but the past several days have been filled with them.

Sitcoms, Death and Jackie on Roseanne.

My dad died this week and in weird coincidence, there have been several sitcoms where the topic is the death of a father.  So of course, we're watching them.

My first viewing was the AbFab episode, "Death."  We own AbFab on DVD and we have to decide whether Edina's father is dead or art.  Perhaps both?  Thankfully, my dad was cremated so I do not think he would be considered art.  Lucky for you the entire episode is on YouTube and in a previous post!

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