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In my RSS feeds I get slashdot. Today there is an article that Fermilab, just outside of Chicago, has discovered an untheorized particle, which is pretty amazing. If memory serves me correctly, they usually theorize that a particle must exist and then go look for it, so it seems impressive to really come across on in this accidental manner in these modern times. This follows the discovery of a new top quark. While this is all very fine and good, what really caught my eye was the lead-in to the top quark article: "new single top quark."

Dreaming of Roller Coasters and College

Thunder rolled into Chicago early this morning (or late last night depending on your social schedule) and I am sure I woke up because my dreams this morning were all over the map. I do remember two specifically: Grinnell College and the Tidal Wave. These dreams were not related.

The Tidal Wave at Great America
The Tidal Wave with Entrance Signs

Oh horror movies, why can't the survivor walk through the house and see everyone dead at the end?

Or how I learned to stop worrying and start loving the slasher flicks of the early 80s.


Pat and I took a trip to Old Orchard today to enjoy the balmy start of March in Chicago. As Pat said, it is coming in like the Kraken so I hope it goes out like a lamb, perhaps the golden fleeced lamb of said mythology.

Top [20+] Albums, Songs and Genres?

One of the current Facebook memes is a list of the top 15, 20, 25 albums that have shaped your life. I have heemed and hawed on my list and finally decided to put it together here. I was having a hard time nailing it down to albums, in general, so I have opened it up a bit more.  I think I will keep it to a list of 15 or 20, but a few items will be grouped, like Twee Pop, a few will be one-off songs... because the album was not as striking as the single song and a few will just be random.

I have a theme song, do you?

With a theme song, anything is possible! Have a listen.

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