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Northern Soul

Between the dance parties at the Sovereign and the other dance nights in the city, I cannot get enough of the Northern Soul style of music right now. I suppose perhaps it is a bit of withdrawal... it has been a while since I've been to a Sovereign party and I just heard about the Sonotheque parties right before the club closed. For now, the radio station will help. The tracks are a bit limited but still fun and it made Monday morning all that much better this week.

My inner Georgia O'Keefe

Ah, how time has gone by.

This past spring I was looking for a way to shake myself out of a rut. It was a long, cold winter and my dad has recently passed away... so I signed up for a quick weekend seminar.

It was not very good.

As fall rolls in, the seminar people are calling me to announce their fall seminar. I cannot bear to talk to them. The people from the organization seemed to have swallowed the medicine and thought it was the best thing since powered toast. And for them, perhaps it was. For me, it was not.

The Happiness Project and Me

Ah, so I have come to a huge change in how my life goes lately. My mom passed away at the end of September. That ends several years of being a care giver for my parents and helping Pat with his mom. Of course I miss my mom, I miss my dad, I miss my brother and I miss Pat's mom. That goes without saying. But now I do not know what to do with myself. Of course I have work, a a new job I started in September which is going well. And I do have friends, who have been great over the last several years. But what about my hobbies and my fun? That has been missing for quite some time.

Another entry in the Archenemy/Archnemesis camp

Thanks to @thatwhichmatters via @jough

ENEMY/NEMESIS? [1/2] Enemy: unfriendly/hostile person. Nemesis: avenging force. ARCH- indicates most significant among several enemies.


Beautiful Kauai

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