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The Evolution of Cruciferous Vegetables from Carnivorous Plants


Broccoli was Once a Carnivorous Plant

Broccoli - Close Up - I grabbed this from Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/v

Being bored can kill you... this is why I have a list of archenemies and archnemesis

Did you know the being bored can kill you? Well, perhaps not directly but it can kill you in the same way that fried chicken can kill you: slowly.

Now I do not want to cause a scene or a media blitz with this one but I wonder if watching TV constitues boredom? 

This is why Garrison Keillor is on "the list"

It is paragraphs like this that keep Garrison Keillor high on my list in Archenemy versus Nemesis tirade:

Teaming up with my archnemesis to take on an archenemy

One of the defining terms that separates an archenemy from an archnemesis is this single question:



Would you team up with said enemy/nemesis to defeat a greater evil?


If you can answer, "Yes, I would team up," then you, my friend, have just defined an archenemy. Such is that case with me, Garrison Keillor and Mayonnaise.

Goodbye 2009. Goodbye Mom.

The last several years have been really tough. My brother passed away from brain cancer (which followed lung cancer), Pat's mom died after a year long stay in various hospitals, my dad passed away, likely related to demetia, and then my mom died, more than likely from COPD related issues.

My mom died at the end of September. She was getting ready to head to the grocery store and inbetween the phone call and the trip she passed away.

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