Gay and Greys... or Welcome to the Q-Tip Club

Tonight Pat and I had a nice dinner date the L. Woods in Lincolnwood. We used my birthday coupon from the Lettuce restaurants as well as a gift card from my job.

Two funny things happened while we were there. L. Woods is a total Q-Tip club, especially if you go to an early dinner around 6pm. Pat and I have learned and made our reservations for 8pm which meant we watched the white hairs leave. And the hilarity ensued.

  1. An large group was leaving the restaurant and an old woman was leading them, hump and all. Half way to the exit she stopped to randomly talk to some other table. The entire group had to stop behind her and wait for whatever conversation to finish. I know that pain. It made us laugh
  2. The next thing was funnier. The table in front of us was four older people and one of them was an elderly gentleman in an electric wheelchair. On his way out he made a perfect 360 degree turn. I was impressed considering my mom ran into people every time she moved on her scooter. Then I thought, my mom did say she was going to haunt me when she died. I am not sure why she'd haunt me except that it would be easier to haunt me rather than some stranger where she'd have to learn all their habits. While I was thinking about how my mom would go about haunting me the mobile wheelchair hit out table... then pushed it in a little bit. The older man apologized but he had no need to apologize, I just learned how my moms plan to haunt me came to fruition.