"Small Wonder" anyone understands "this human emotion you call 'love'"

Have you ever tried to explain the TV show "Small Wonder" to people? 

It starts here... a man invents a robot daughter. Fair enough. She spends the first several seasons living in a closet with the vacuum cleaner. You know, because she is a machine. But she is also sentient. However, as with any android, she does not understand emotions. And of course, all sorts of hilarity ensues since she takes commands literally, especially when those nosy neighbors show up.

But remember, she lives in the closet. With the vacuum cleaner. That's weird.

So, I always think, what if V.I.C.I. (Voice Input Child Indenticant), or Vicki in human ever caught her parents having sex. Of course, sex would literally translate to love somehow. Well, not somehow, anytime a sex is explained, especially on TV it starts, "When a mommy and daddy love each other very much..."

So what if Vicki then tried to figure out "this human emotion you call 'love'" by attempting to have sex? I suppose this would have to be in the later episodes or perhaps a completely post-show one-of TV movie since she was theoretically ten when the show started. But since she's a robot with super human strength I imagine hilarity would turn to tragedy. Quickly.

So in this wacky world let's assume the tragedy involves the injury or death of many of the attempted sexual partners. Since Vicki lives in the closet (well, toward the end of the show she got her own room and was allowed to eat and drink), she of course would leave them all in the closet. But the end of this all would be the announcement of. "I was just trying to understand this human emotion called love..."

Which would get a nice Asaad Kelada freeze frame with the family laughing, dead bodies piled behind them and just another lesson learned by our robot friend.