Being bored can kill you... this is why I have a list of archenemies and archnemesis

Did you know the being bored can kill you? Well, perhaps not directly but it can kill you in the same way that fried chicken can kill you: slowly.

Now I do not want to cause a scene or a media blitz with this one but I wonder if watching TV constitues boredom? 

Not that watching TV is always boring, but passive TV watching, how you watch TV (or don't) when there is nothing else to do. That I can see being a killer. Just sitting there, sinking further and further into a comfortable seat... wait... this sounds fantastic and just like relaxation... fried chicken isn't that bad either.

Where was I going with this?

Well, clearly, I don't know. But I now have proof that I need a list of my archenemies so I can keep myself spry and zombie free into my ripe old age. I guess that's what this is all about.