Goodbye 2009. Goodbye Mom.

The last several years have been really tough. My brother passed away from brain cancer (which followed lung cancer), Pat's mom died after a year long stay in various hospitals, my dad passed away, likely related to demetia, and then my mom died, more than likely from COPD related issues.

My mom died at the end of September. She was getting ready to head to the grocery store and inbetween the phone call and the trip she passed away.

A bit after she died and things started to settle down Pat found a number of voicemail messages from my mom in his Google Voice mail box. These are now on the site but I wanted to end the year with a couple of my favorite voicemails Linda Lu left us before she really left us.

There are more... so many good ones. Like the GHOST in her computer... her countless battles with the telephone cord where she eventually prevails by caring scissors to just cut the damn cord out... oh yes... I am really glad I recorded my mom's voicemails. While she is gone I can always listen to these and share them for a bit a fun from a crazy old lady. If you look you will even find the rare phone call from my dad. I always find it funny that both my mom and dad announce who they are when they call... as if I would not know?