The Happiness Project and Me

Ah, so I have come to a huge change in how my life goes lately. My mom passed away at the end of September. That ends several years of being a care giver for my parents and helping Pat with his mom. Of course I miss my mom, I miss my dad, I miss my brother and I miss Pat's mom. That goes without saying. But now I do not know what to do with myself. Of course I have work, a a new job I started in September which is going well. And I do have friends, who have been great over the last several years. But what about my hobbies and my fun? That has been missing for quite some time. I spent quite a bit of time making sure other people were cared for that I squeaked by when taking care of myself. I exercised, ate well and blah blah blah, but that was really going through the motions. Now I need to get some motion myself.

So I kvetched to Pat that I need to find a blog to read regularly, or a site to enjoy. Something that is more specific than my general internet ramblings and rabbit holes. I kind of found what I was looking for on I think. I came across a blog for The Happiness Project, which is an on-going blog and soon to be a book.

On the outset, it looks like a nice match. Slightly fluffy pop psychology on how to be happier with life. 

The more I look at the site... the more it looks too fluffy. And that's my current crux. I think it would be a good exercise in getting my life on track after spending a lot of time taking care of other people, but I also really look down on self-help fads.

Then again, with any thing I do... it's what I take away from it that matters; not how I learned about it. Some fluffy self-help might be right what I need now.