Yes, please treat me like shit this week, I certainly enjoy it.

This week has just been special in terms of people communicating to me. Two separate people, a realtor for a property we were looking to purchase and a project manager at my (soon to be) old job both took their jabs. They are so incredulous, I thought I would share. Not just to help you laugh a bit, but maybe to purge them both from my system. We will go in the order received:
My client appreciates the interest your clients have in his property. Unfortunately it seems that they will be better off looking at smaller properties that fit more appropriately into their price range. Good luck with their continued search. You might want to take them to 1452 W. Rosemont I believe they are pretty motivated and are only asking $399,000 for the property.
Thanks Mr. Realtor for assuming we could not afford your property when it was exactly in our price range. Way to be bitch. As Pat said, one bowl of milk... meow. This realtor misrepresented the property on the ad as having three units. According to the city of Chicago, it has two. So we adjust our offer for a two unit building. That's fine. We all love our apartments and are not that motivated to move so it's really their loss. Sorry for trying to purchase a property when houses just are not selling. Beyond that, we have financing with a solid down payment at the asking price so we can afford it, we just think it is worth less than the asking price. From my understanding of real estate, you make an offer, the seller counters the offer. The seller does not tell you to look at other properties as if they know your financial situation. The next is also a gem. Evidently it is easier to bitch people out at work than to ask for their help. A bit of prep, we had a big lunch at work with about 15 people in the kitchen. All 15 were not sent this message, which is nice, but it was targeted enough. I am not saying the kitchen should have been left in a messy state, but it is a shared kitchen among 30 or so employees. I have cleaned up plenty of times and did not see the need to reem anyone out.
A big, heartfelt thank you to the co-workers who felt they were above cleaning up after their own lunch. It is great to know exactly how respectful of a team we have here at Duo. If you are incapable of throwing away your leftover containers of food or wiping up where you have slopped food on a table you may want to rethink how you present yourself professionally… last I checked we were all adults meaning we should be fully capable of cleaning up after ourselves and not leave a complete mess for another co-worker to clean up. As the containers of guac, salsa, chips, etc are a give away for LaCocina but I don’t know who exactly decided to behave so grown-up, I am sending this to the whole group that I am aware of. Thanks again. I really appreciate it.
Thanks, Veruca. They could have asked anyone to help clean the kitchen. The chips, salsa and guac were left on the table, as is the custom at our offices, for anyone to share throughout the afternoon. Again, not a great situation but a horrible way to deal with frustration. Oh joy. So, if you have a snarky email to send or want to bitch me out for something, I'd suggest you do it this week while to gettings good! .
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