Rest in Peace, Mufasa, We love and miss you

The best way to remember Mufasa is that he is the only creature on God's green earth and under the stars that could keep Pat on a schedule. Somehow, with his feline perseverance, he was able to completely thwart the Jurgaisenberg Uncertainty Principle and keep Pat on a schedule.

Mufasa was completely Pat's cat. 100%. Of course, he was friendly to everyone, but Pat was the only person that mattered.

Every night at 10pm, Mufasa would start to herd Pat to bed. You have heard of herding cats, I am sure. But have you heard of herding Pats? It is nearly impossible to herd anyone subject to the Jurgaisenberg Uncertainty Principle but Mufasa did it, on schedule and on budget.

We will miss you Mufasa, may your kitty soul rest in peace and your memory live on forever.

Mufasa and Jasper
The Mufasa we know and love
Looking away, a coy Mufasa
A regal Mufasa
Mufasa and Jasper