I have seen my future...

I have seen my future and it involved lots of cats and the downfall of society as we know it. And I am fine with it.

I also assumed I would become a crazy cat lady when I grow old. Lady being an important part of my title. However, after seeing Logan's Run I realized there is room in this world for a crazy cat gentleman as well.  Thank God for the part Peter Ustinov played in Logan's Run... our anti-hero living in the defunct library of congress with a myriad of cats.  Better yet, each cat has it's oridinary name, it's fancy name and it's third name that no one but the cat knows.. "the cat itself knows but never will confess." That's my kind of crazy people! 

The flip side to any dystopia is that there is another man's utopia inside. Well, in the case of Logan's Run, my utopia is outside and that will suit me just fine. 

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