Gay Science

In my RSS feeds I get slashdot. Today there is an article that Fermilab, just outside of Chicago, has discovered an untheorized particle, which is pretty amazing. If memory serves me correctly, they usually theorize that a particle must exist and then go look for it, so it seems impressive to really come across on in this accidental manner in these modern times. This follows the discovery of a new top quark. While this is all very fine and good, what really caught my eye was the lead-in to the top quark article: "new single top quark."

It just strikes me a humorous as if this quark were the unicorn of the world, and then the whole gay top/bottom thing just makes it funnier. I assume this is probably only funny to me, but when I first read that I thought, "it's like a gay unicorn or a straight man with 6-pack abs."

I do not really subscribe to the top/bottom element of the gay world, but for some folks, that is their thing. It just struck me as odd that this new "top" would be single and in Batavia. I guess unicorns need room to roam.