Dreaming of Roller Coasters and College

Thunder rolled into Chicago early this morning (or late last night depending on your social schedule) and I am sure I woke up because my dreams this morning were all over the map. I do remember two specifically: Grinnell College and the Tidal Wave. These dreams were not related.

I miss the Tidal Wave at Great America in Gurnee about 45 minutes north of Chicago. What a great ride. It now lives out it days as one of the last Schwartzkopf loopers in the US (mayhap the world) at Kentucky Kingdom in Lousiville, KY. I think it may very well be the last one with the weight drop to drive "bob."

So that was nostaligia. I imagine it may have led me to a bizarre Grinnell nostalgia dream. Evidently in my dream Grinnell had become a tourist resort town. I can only imagine it was still in the middle of Iowa but I am not sure how that would have worked out. You know, no large lake or tourist destination to speak of outside of beautiful corn fields. But they get boring to look at after a while... unless you are really into corn. I won't go into details about the dream because it unravels anytime I think about it too much. It was very much a dream where a number of items in my mind started to roll together into a giant ball of yarn and tell their own story as one.

The Tidal Wave at Great America
The Tidal Wave with Entrance Signs