Oh horror movies, why can't the survivor walk through the house and see everyone dead at the end?

Or how I learned to stop worrying and start loving the slasher flicks of the early 80s.


Pat and I took a trip to Old Orchard today to enjoy the balmy start of March in Chicago. As Pat said, it is coming in like the Kraken so I hope it goes out like a lamb, perhaps the golden fleeced lamb of said mythology.

While we were there on a wild tear of book browsing and a searh for a purple paisley shirt with french cuffs we say the "re-imaginging" of Friday the 13th. It was okay. I knew it would not be that great and watching it just made me long for the first two movies in the long, long line of Friday the 13th franchise.

I mean, where is the scene where the lone survivor(s) go through the house, abandoned roller-disco or attic to see each person dead and disembowelled before encountering the killer themselves? Of course I think my favorite was the birthday scene in Happy Birthday to Me which was just fantastic.