Sometimes you just have to get out of bed ontime...

My sleep patters are all over the map this weekend. I consider myself lucky to have gotten a mild version of the stomach flu going around the office lately. Perhaps it was because my first bout with it was not so lucky: I eyed the garbage can and sewer cover on Madison to determine which I could get to quickest without projectile vomiting on another person. I chose the sewer cover and managed to walk away without any personal detritus, except for a small bit of mustache "flavor savor."

This morning Pat had breakfast plans that I passed on, largely because I still am not confident about my stomach. So I passed on lunchy brunchy and stayed in bed. Mistake. I should have gotten out of bed when Pat left the house. Anytime I wake up and lightly doze off again, I have very visceral dreams that are almost always unpleasant. When I remember my dreams overnight, they run the gamut from surreal to menial but the post-wake-up dreams are always unpleasant; this morning was no exception.

My dream involved a family part of sorts at our apartment. Well, it was a dream so it was "kind-of" our apartment as you all know. But it did seem that my family and extended friends of the family were at the party. My dad was not there, my brother was not there and Pat's mom was not there; I was aware enough to know who had passed away this year. The party itself were fine but there were several odd elements.

  1. If we walked outside, we were near an old natatorium. The natatorium has been closed years before and was converted to a greenhouse by my friend Becca's boyfriend. This is odd, because my friend Becca passed away years ago in San Francisco. It was evident from the dream that the natatorium was a sort of area landmark that was marked for demolition. With bitterness, I am sure it was going to be demolished for condos. I did think this natatorium turned greenhouse would be a great place to winter the ladies (our box turtles). I made it to the natatorium because I was chasing someone's puppy who had gotten out of the apartment at the party.
  2. When I returned to the party, I went to my bedroom. It was late at night and the party was wrapping up; I was ready for bed. Unfortunately, someone had puked or popped on the corner of my bed. I think it was clear to everyone at the party it was a dog since most of the excrement was on the floor but started off on the bed. So I could not go to bed since I had to wash all my bedding and try to clean the mattress. It was pretty gross but such things do happen. I could have caused that mess with my stomach flu this weekend.
  3. Trying to do laundry, our basement evidently had a large casino and train station. This was all news to me. In fact, I could not find the door to the laundry room. I wonder if this was triggered by my vacation search the night before --- I need some sun and a break so I was looking at vacation spots. Vegas is always an easy get away, but not a vacation I enjoy so I think that is a direct correlation between my night before and the dream.

But, egh, I hate having tedious dreams. I woke up a bit angry and frustrated, trying to shed the dream behind. Luckily, we have delicious coffee (thanks to Pat getting me a year's subscription to metropolis coffee) and tasty yogurt. My morning is shaping up... but what a way to start it off. I should know better than to stay in bed and fall back asleep like I did this morning. I should have stayed in bed, had a cup of coffee and read a book.