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The Jurgaisenberg Uncertainty Principle

Heretofore, I have mentioned the Jurgaisenberg Uncertainty Principle but I do not think I have ever fully documented or explained it. An off-shoot of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle where one cannot measure both the position and velocity of an object, the Jurgaisenberg principle states that one cannot know where or when Pat will be and by measuring one, you may adversely affect or know less about the other.

So it's Come to This? Cakewich and Cruciferous Vegetables.

I never expect my Web site to get much traffic. It's basically here for me to try new things and keep track of a few other things. Part of trying new things was installing Google Analytics just to see what's happening.

Horror of horrors, cakewich and cruciferous vegetables are happening.

Evidently, I must be some kind of science wiz with the evolution of brussel sprouts, so, uh, I've got that going for me.

Cakewich and Cruciferous Vegetables are my top Google Analytics Search Phrases

Gay and Greys... or Welcome to the Q-Tip Club

Tonight Pat and I had a nice dinner date the L. Woods in Lincolnwood. We used my birthday coupon from the Lettuce restaurants as well as a gift card from my job.

Two funny things happened while we were there. L. Woods is a total Q-Tip club, especially if you go to an early dinner around 6pm. Pat and I have learned and made our reservations for 8pm which meant we watched the white hairs leave. And the hilarity ensued.

"Small Wonder" anyone understands "this human emotion you call 'love'"

Have you ever tried to explain the TV show "Small Wonder" to people? 

It starts here... a man invents a robot daughter. Fair enough. She spends the first several seasons living in a closet with the vacuum cleaner. You know, because she is a machine. But she is also sentient. However, as with any android, she does not understand emotions. And of course, all sorts of hilarity ensues since she takes commands literally, especially when those nosy neighbors show up.

But remember, she lives in the closet. With the vacuum cleaner. That's weird.

Smeared Blue Eyeshadow and Forgotten Memories, the James Fredric memoirs

Fraudulent memories of a non-existant life story... coming soon.

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