Garrison Keillor

The reason? The reason? Like I need a reason!

The man is so dry he makes day-old toast seem dripping wet! In fact, I am sure I've heard a joke from him on NPR about getting sliced bread... not only the joke but whatever audience was out there laughed.  These people need to drink more cause they're dehydrated with all this 'dry' humor around them.

I have to admit I do have a fond place in my heart for "A Prairie Home Companion" which does put Mr Keillor into by archenemy category as opposed to just a nemesis. My heart-strings get pulled when Garrison Keillor drops a Grinnell mention here and there into his radio show. For example, in this article he drops this nugget, calling, "...Grinnell, the Yale of the Midwest..." Though I am not sure Yale is appropriate since that's where George W. went and I'm not thinking he is that smart: Garrison Keillor or George W.  Oh, as always I am vexed by my archenemies.

And imagine my thrill when I found this article from Dan Savage entitled "Fuck Garrison Keillor." Perhaps Dan Savage and I have a similar archenemy list?  But it sounds like Garrison might be a nemesis to Mr. Savage.  Well, such is life.