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Oh dear, this is getting out of date

I think tumblr has taken over in place of this personal blog so why don't you mosey over there?

Though I really need to get back to my archenemy and nemesis list, I've been slacking in that department.

There's gonna be some wig snatch beehain'

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The Jurgaisenberg Uncertainty Principle

Heretofore, I have mentioned the Jurgaisenberg Uncertainty Principle but I do not think I have ever fully documented or explained it. An off-shoot of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle where one cannot measure both the position and velocity of an object, the Jurgaisenberg principle states that one cannot know where or when Pat will be and by measuring one, you may adversely affect or know less about the other.

Would a certificate of civil union have "changed everything?"

I think it's great that a marriage certificate "changed everything."

“I was respected,” he said. “From that moment on, I was next of kin. They were amazing.”

But my next thought is, would a civil union have brought the same level of respect? It is great the Illinois made civil unions legal, but the truth is they are not the same as marriage when it comes to rights and treatment. 

I am grateful for the civil union legislation but also realize it is just a stepping stone.


So it's Come to This? Cakewich and Cruciferous Vegetables.

I never expect my Web site to get much traffic. It's basically here for me to try new things and keep track of a few other things. Part of trying new things was installing Google Analytics just to see what's happening.

Horror of horrors, cakewich and cruciferous vegetables are happening.

Evidently, I must be some kind of science wiz with the evolution of brussel sprouts, so, uh, I've got that going for me.

Cakewich and Cruciferous Vegetables are my top Google Analytics Search Phrases
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